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Shad Moss Birthday Celebration At Gold Room

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Bow Wow, Bow Wow, Bow Wow. SMH. 

It’s been a rough couple of years for the rapper turned actor, and for some reason, it seems like things just keep getting worse. First he got caught cappin’ on Instagram, thus the infamous Bow Wow challenge was born. 

He’s always beefing with one of his exes, or bringing them up years after they were together. Last year, ish got so real for Shad Moss that he and ex girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie got into an altercation that was so intense, the skin on his face was scratched off. Yikes!

And last week, he got roasted on the Internet again for calling Ciara the B-word and bragging about the fact that he “had” before anyone else.


Well, enough is enough. Bow has always said how he considers rapper T.I. and Nelly like his big brothers in the game, and earlier this week, his big bros. stepped up to the (Bow Wow) challenge and gave him the much needed talk he needs. 

Even though Bow is still hella defensive in the video, at least Tip did not give up on getting his point across.  Intervention aside though, who knew that Tip was actually taller than Bow? Or so they say. 

Bow Wow, we love you man. We grew up with you. But help us understand how we can help bring you back to the young man we used to know.