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Folks on social media can find the smallest, oldest, most relatable things to go viral and make a new mark on pop culture.

First there was good ol’ Arthur (and his balled up fist) who got meme-ified and became the official “no longer for kids” cartoon after Black Twitter got its hands on it — and everyone else followed suit. And this year in particular, the Spongebob memes have been the highlight of the Internet.

There’s a Spongebob moment for each experience you encounter in life. And now we have “Aight Imma Head Out” Bob. The meme shows a fed up Spongebob getting out of his favorite chair dipping off when something uncomfortable happens. For example:


Or this one:



And who hasn’t experienced this :

Every year, the famous Sponge and his friends help us to tell the story of our lives using comedy and a simple meme. Remember last year, the innocence of an aloof Patrick Star from Spongebob and turned him into the mischievous, messy meme we can all relate to.

Then there was the classic confused Mr. Krabz meme that everybody and their mama used for something. 

But the Spongebob ones last forever. Check out some more hilarious Spongebob memes when you hit the flip. 

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