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You never know… one man’s pain can turn out to be another man’s gain…. especially in the case of Mr. Curtis Jackson. Rapper, actor, director, and businessman 50 Cent is rumored to have secured the rights to a Tekashi69 film. Either that, or he’s just trolling us per usual.


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After rumors circulated online, Fiddy seemed to confirm them on Instagram a couple days ago. In screenshots  captured by HipHopNMore, a fan asked him if he bought the rights to a  Nine Trey/69 movie and 50 reportedly responded “I’m working boy.” See that HERE.

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While many would find a film about the rapper-turned-criminal informant highly entertaining, at least one rapper isn’t here for it.

TMZ reports: 50 Cent is allegedly trying to make a movie about Tekashi 6ix9ine and the Nine Trey Bloods — to which Skinnyfromthe9 says … stop playin’. We ran into the NYC rapper Tuesday in his hometown, and when we told him about Fiddy teasing his efforts to put together a Tekashi flick — centered on all the snitching — he seemed a little uneasy. But then, he got real … and kinda craps on the idea of the movie. Skinny says there are people’s lives that are literally being ruined by the trial of 2 Nine Trey Bloods, and points out their families are being affected too. In other words, this isn’t a game — and certainly not something to be taken advantage of for financial gain.

We’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.  Also worth noting: Snapchat recently announced a doc about the rapper’s demise too. Get those details HERE and let us know where you stand on the whole issue.

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