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Source: Gareth Cattermole / Staff / Getty

Representation is truly important in a young person’s life — especially a young person of color. For a long time, the message given to darker skin people was that they aren’t enough, while lighter skin folks seemed to have it much easier. You’ve seen it before in Hollywood: people of lighter complexions are usually cast as kind, attractive, sweet and good — while people with richer or darker skin get cast as the evil, sassy, undesirable one. Lighter skinned folks are even called “fair” sometimes — which can easily make a brown young girl feel she’s not “fair” enough.

But thankfully, there are artists like Beyonce who understands the importance of representation, and uses her art to highlight those that are underrepresented — like our Brown Skin Girls.

While attending Tyler Perry’s studio opening over the weekend, a young woman approached the Queen about how the song BSG changed her life, saying:

“The song that you did for Brown Skin Girls changed my life. Hearing the words gave me more power in my own skin”

Beyonce’s response, priceless!

 “You’re gorgeous! That’s why I sang it, I made that song to empower young brown skinned women. I want my kids to feel like that.”



So to all the brown skin beauties doubting their power, the queen has spoken.