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Will Smith is about to get his secret agent on in Spies In Disguise. A new animation film from 20th Century Fox.

In this movie, Will plays super-spy Lance Sterling a very smooth and debonair spy who has to team with a scientist named Walter Beckett who lacks social skills so he makes up for it in smarts by inventing and creating the awesome gadgets. So while they are total opposites Lance uses on his Walter’s creations on his epic missions so they can save the world.

In this exclusive clip, you see Lance voices by Will showing up for a hard day at the office. Check it out above.

Spies In Disguise hits theaters on Christmas Day and also stars Tom Holland as well. The Fresh Prince actor spoke with Variety saying he thinks it’s weird he is in a movie with Tom Holland and never met him. “It’s really weird that we’re in a movie together that’s coming out. We had never actually been in the same room together,” Smith explained. “That’s the beauty of modern technology. He did most of his stuff in New York and I did mine in L.A., so I thought it would be a nice way for us to get to know one another, we do an escape room to see if we really have chemistry.”

The wonders of science.