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As we celebrate traditional figures like Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman and Malcolm X — let’s not forget the lesser known people who’ve also had an impact on African American culture today. This year, let’s not only celebrate the brave, inspirational folks who marched for freedom or created inventions that we can’t live without to this day.

Let’s also highlight about the low-key, undercover legends whose small successes in the past opened the door for us to enjoy the little things in life, in a major way. The ones that don’t get the love and respect from the culture that they deserve. Like Bayard Rustin. Usually just known as Dr. King’s friend and one of the few openly gay men of the movement. But did you know that he organized and strategized most of the protests and marches of the Civil Rights Movement?

Or Dorothy Height, deemed the “godmother of the women’s movement,” who used her background in education and social work to advance women’s rights.

There’s so much more to Black History that can’t fit in just one month or a series of meme. It also doesn’t help that Black History Month is celebrated in the coldest, shortest month of the whole year. But as we honor our traditional heroes this month, we must remember to highlight the lesser known game changers.

Hit the flip for more Black History Icons they don’t want you to know about.

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