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Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays people feel really strongly about. The truth is it can be really divisive — if you’re single, you’re somehow made to feel like the day isn’t for you and even those in a relationship can feel torn on how to spend it, if they even celebrate at all. That said, it’s no wonder Twitter breathed life into the #HappyImSingleBecause hashtag just before V-Day hit.

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Folks are hitting social media with all the reasons they couldn’t care less that they aren’t in a relationship and some are pretty funny. Keep scrolling to see why single people say life is lit and let us know if you can relate?

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1. First and Foremost, You’ve Got Your Food To Yourself.

2. Not Dealing With Kooky In-Laws Has To Be Worth The Alone Time, Right?

3. Getting The Bed To Yourself? A Dream.

4. This One’s Kind Of Sad… LOL, OK It’s Really Sad.

5. We Never Thought About It Like This…

6. Whatever The F*ck, Whenever The F*ck, However The F*ck.

7. No Arguing Over What To Watch In This House.

8. You Sleep Peacefully At Night Knowing No One’s Cheating on You.

9. And Lastly, What Life In America Always Comes Down To Somehow –– Dollar, Dollar Bill Y’all!

Chime in to let us know how you’re spending the holiday. Happy Valentine’s Day 2020!