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Meet The Rap Duo Making Noise Out Of … Utah?!

Allow us to introduce you to 4Ternity, the dynamic duo from Salt Lake City, Utah who are dropping their second mixtape “4HER” On Valentine’s Day. The 4-track mixtape is a continuation of the 4-part story introducing you to Tay Krew and Lake God. Starting from 4PLAY the pair tapped Blac Youngsta to jump on the project. They even brought fans along with their stunning visuals for “Bag Alert”, then “Rose Park” and now, Dubye.

Check out 4HER and read our interview with 4Ternity below to find out why they’re ones to watch for 2020.


Source: Courtesy / Island Records

Where did you get the group name and your individual names?

LG: We’re close like brothers so we based our group name off the idea of concept of a fraternity. As far as our individual names, Lake God was originally the name of my first mixtape and people ran with it.

TK: Tay Krew comes from my mother. When I was in high school I filmed a music video for film class and had a camera crew in my moms basement that consisted of my friends at school. My mom said “ahh how cute it’s “Tays Crew” .. and it just stuck.

How did you meet?

TK: We were both born in Salt Lake City Utah & we met through mutual friends, one of which happens to be Lake Gods uncle . He kept on telling me how dope Lake God was and that we should make music together. After some sometime we linked up and started recording music.

How difficult was it getting notice coming out of Utah?

LG: It’s extremely difficult in Utah. The music we make is a fusion of many different genres. It’s also hard being hip-hop artists in a place that doesn’t fully understand rap as an expression of art. We enjoy spending time outside of Utah so we can make connections and learn things to bring it back home and fight for visibility. So other kids that look like us can be comfortable pursuing their dreams in a place like Utah.

What has been your breakthrough moment?

LG: Signing to Team 80

TK: And then signing to Island Records. I think that let us know we were doing the right thing and moving in the right direction.

Who/what inspired your sound?

LG: We were inspired by a lot of different sounds. Everything from Rock , R&B and 90’s Hip-Hop has shaped our sound.

What are your goals for 2020?

TK: We want to get in front of as many people as possible, introduce them to the what the hip-hop scene looks like in Utah and make great music. Experimenting with our sound is important to us so expect different sounds from us in the future.

Let us know what you think of 4Ternity’s ‘4Her’ mixtape in the comments below and be sure to follow the group on Twitter and Instagram.

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