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Fans are so excited to meet Russell Wilson and Ciara’s newest addition, seeing as their family is one of the most adorable ever. Preparing for a newborn in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic is proving stressful for the famous couple however, with Russell mentioning in a new interview that he hopes he’s allowed into the birthing room.

“That’s what we don’t know. That’s kind of the crazy part of it. I hope so,” Russell told Jimmy Kimmel Live! guest host Joel McHale. “Obviously, COVID’s been such a crazy thing right now with the pandemic and everything else.”

When asked how Ciara’s doing, he responded: “She’s doing well. She’s excited and she’s got a lot of amazing things going on. It’s crazy how hard she works while being pregnant. It’s pretty amazing.”

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Russell also talked about how hard Ciara squeezed his hand while in labor with their daughter Sienna.

“Last time, she grabbed my hand,” he revealed, hilariously adding “She almost broke my hand. She was squeezing my right hand. I said, ‘Baby, baby, baby, other hand, other hand.’ So, she grabbed my left. So, hopefully, she’ll know this, this time.”

Check out the clip above, plus more cute photos of Ci Ci’s third pregnancy below.

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