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Bryson Tiller fans who’ve been waiting to hear from the #girldad on the new music front are in luck.

Not only did the singer-songwriter release a new tune, he announced his album, which he says is due this fall. The new track is titled “Inhale” and features samples R&B fans won’t have an issue pinpointing. It kicks off with Mary J. Blige’s “Not Gon Cry” and quickly delves into SWV’s “All Night long,” both songs from the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack. See what he did there?

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Bryson doesn’t come in until after a minute, at which point he seems to be having some distressing issues with his love interest. Peep his lyrics:

Inhale, exhale, I’ma take another hit before I set sail

When my text fail, I had hit you from another cell

Told me “Get well,” did you mean that? ‘Cause I can’t tell…

I ain’t feelin’ well, kept it and then my tears fell

Yes, I spent all these f*cking years dwelling

yes, I feel irrelevant, and in this room, it’s you, me and this elephant 

I’m jealous and hit your cell up for the Hell of it

She think I’m movin’ shaky (no tellin’ when she comin’ forward)

Baby girl, I miss when you adored me … when you left me, honey, that shit tore me

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Tune in and watch for the upcoming album announcement at the end of the clip. Also, this hilarity:

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