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When DJ Khaled and his beautiful wife Nicole Tuck announced they were having another little boy, we just knew their first-born son Asahd would be the best big brother ever. As expected, the young mogul stepped up to the plate and welcomed the newest addition to their family with open arms.

That said, for Asahd’s birthday today, there’s no better way to celebrate than to highlight his affectionate relationship with Baby Aalam, who’s so cute it hurts. Khaled has clearly given both his sons the major keys to winning, ensuring they won’t ever be able to hold his kings back. Check them out in their most adorable brotherly moments below.

Putting his newborn brother to sleep.

Making sure Aalam is comfortable during the cutest cuddle session of all time.


Showing baby bro how to smile for all of mommy and daddy’s pics.

Happy Easter, Aalam!

Welcoming baby bro into the family business.

Making sure Aalam knows how to do birthdays right!

Asahd staying close, in case he’s needed.

Kicking back and relaxing, just as brothers should.

How cute are they? Seriously.

Teaching his little mans how to whip it behind the wheel.

All love, all the time.

May God continue to bless them!

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