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He enjoys the act of creating art

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The video of this young boy singing his “You Can Be ABCs” with his father is the most adorable video on the Internet right now. His father accompanies him with a beat box as he raps about career choices for the kids. He’s encouraging the youth that to be anything from an architect to a computer software developer.

This young man is Robert Samuel who appears to be about 5 years old. According to his personal Instagram profile, he loves to help others, make his dad laugh, have sleepovers with his mom, read, and dream. Affectionately know as Sam, he is quite the scholar appearing on Memphis’s day time news show Bluff City Life reading and encouraging other children to read alongside his supportive mom.

Sam has been reading since before he was fully potty trained. Books are kind of his thing.

It is evident that his parents promote academia and positivity as they have kept him actively learning. He is already influencing so many children with his “You Can Be ABCs” song. Many parents and teachers flood the comments with praise and gratitude because their children can’t stop singing alongside Sam. He already has such a vibrant personality. Sam certainly knows how to entertain the masses with his dance moves and cheerful spirit.

Sam is well rounded and his parents have kept him active outside of the books as well. He is seen on his Instagram practicing his batting skills with his father and hilariously challenging his opponents on the Karate mat.


The young scholar started his “Reading With Sam” series at the tender age of 3 years old. His parents help him record his reading time to share with his followers continuing to promote reading amongst his peers.

There is a world of possibility for this young king no matter what career he chooses. Sam has a bright future and we imagine he will be a fierce leader impacting generations to come. He is already doing the work with his influential songs and reading appearances. I would absolutely vote Sam for president in 2055. Turn this one up for the children!