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Rap mogul, Master P is a reputable businessman who prides himself on ensuring Black people are at the forefront of all business not just music and entertainment. Both Master P and former two-time NBA All-Star Baron Davis are reportedly seeking to make a multi-billion dollar purchase as Forbes reported that the pair are looking to buy Reebok from Adidas. Master P and Davis are respectable figures in their respective fields and they are also masters of the business world.

There’s a $2.4 billion asking price on the table for Reebok’s enterprise and Master P and Davis are enthused to pay what it costs to make it Black owned.

Master P has been discussing ownership within the Black community for some time. After investing in Rap Snacks, he began taking on the food industry by storm with his own brand, Uncle P’s food products including pancake mix, syrup, grits, rice, beans and oatmeal. This also came soon after food brands like Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s were under fire for the racist stereotypes in their packaging and names.

Davis told Forbes, “I think Reebok is being undervalued. I left Nike as a 22 year old kid representing myself and made the jump to Reebok, which took a chance on me as a creative and as an athlete. I want the people I know athletes, influencers, designers, celebs to sit at the table with me.” Master P added, “As we focus on turning Reebok into a lifestyle brand not just a basketball brand, our most important initiative will be to put money back into the community that built this company.”Master P has accomplished a great deal in his lifetime from leaving the streets, playing in the NBA himself and going onto becoming a rap mogul. The question becomes are people willing to let go of their favorite shoe brands like Nike once Reebok is secured by P and Davis. Fans react to the idea of this acquisition on Twitter.

Safe to say, fans are eager to see this new direction for the brand. Fusing sports and music’s most influential genre, Hip Hop in this major deal, Reebok could rebrand itself and compete on a grander scale like that of its competitors. There is no information on where the two are in their negotiations or acquisition of the company, but knowing Master P he will get exactly what he wants if he feels “it’s time to make it Black owned.”