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Insecure 410

Source: Merie W. Wallace/HBO / Merie W. Wallace/HBO

Don’t cry. Insecure’s last and final season is coming to HBO Max this fall. The official teaser trailer dropped today and it involves a bit of reflection.

The short 48-second clip shares a montage of Issa’s notorious mirror talks starting with some of her earliest days on the show until present day.

Issa says to herself in the teaser trailer, “I just want to be drama free and happy. I keep fronting to everybody like I’m not scared about what’s about to happen to me, but I’m terrified.” Issa’s voice in the mirror responds back with, “Maybe there’s a little voice in your head telling you, you’re not done.” She responds, “That’s you! You’re the little voice in my head,” for her usual funny exchange with herself.

Fans can anticipate season five to close out some of the chapters in the previous season. Many fans wonder about Lawerence’s alleged baby, the status of Issa and Lawerence’s relationship and Issa and Molly’s rocky friendship. Hopefully, these questions and others will be answered in the final season of Insecure, which is announced to return to HBO Max on October 24, 2021. The entire cast will return to give Insecure fans one last, long-awaited run.

Be sure to check out the official teaser trailer for Insecure headed to HBO Max October 24. More updates to follow as they come.