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New Line Cinema's Premiere Of "Rush Hour 3" - Arrivals

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One Twitter user reminded fans that Rush Hour has the best bloopers of any film created.

In 1998, the film franchise debuted its first of three movies within the series. Even 23 years later, no other film has come close to the raw, uncut bloopers that followed in the creation of Rush Hour. Some fans say that the bloopers are the what they look forward to most and argue that its the best part of watching the series.

Bloopers are short clips from a film, usually a deleted scene, containing a mistake made by a member of the cast or crew. For Rush Hour’s hilarious cast like Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, the bloopers were endless. Most of the errors occurred from Chan mispronouncing English words during filming as Tucker attempted to help him along the way. Other moments were the result of Tucker being his comedic self. There are a number of classic bloopers that fans of the film recall more than some of the iconic scenes within the action comedy film series.

Rush Hour 2’s bloopers seems to be a fan favorite.

Since then, no other film has done what Rush Hour was able to do with the bloopers alone. Most productions tend to hide their mistakes, editing out any mishaps during filming. Whereas, Rush Hour used these moments to bring even more joy after the film. One fan says Rush Hour has some of the best bloopers in cinematic history.

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Be sure to watch the two minute clip of Rush Hour’s best bloopers below courtesy of Twitter user, @camronsanto.