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Doechii & Baby Tate "Wendell & Wild" Roundtable

Source: Courtesy of Netflix / Netflix

Netflix debuted the Jordan Peele and Henry Selick film “Wendell & Wild” last month, following Kat who searches for a way to navigate her demons. Rising female voices in hip hop, Doechii and Baby Tate, came together to talk to journalist Gia Peppers about Black women’s mental health and how they navigate the music industry. Check out the full interview inside.

The emotional and moving conversation between the two artists continues the conversation presented in “Wendell & Wild.” The three women discuss confronting their personal demons, trauma and how they are used to empower us to be the best version of ourselves.

Doechii’s single “I Told Em” was featured in the animated film’s trailer. The Florida rapper talks about how she combats the negativity presented to her on the Internet and beyond. While agreeing with Baby Tate’s notion that she often explains herself on social media, Doechii says, “I don’t want to become a slave to over explaining.” She also talks about returning to the present moment as a way to dispel those emotions.

They also talk about forgiveness, other people’s projections and keeping love at the center.

Baby Tate goes into detail about these topics saying, “We take the things that happen to us and make them our personality traits.”

Peppers asks the girls about their daily affirmations, making a nod to Baby Tate’s hit affirmations song, “I Am.”

Baby Tate says that she urges herself to, “log out, turn the phone off and remind myself that these people don’t know me.” It sounds simple enough, but the Atlanta artist goes on to share how love reminds her of her purpose to keep moving despite personal demons being ever-present.

In the film, the main character Kat is discovering the reality of how we deal with our personal demons. Kat’s personal demons appear playful and manipulative in the form of Key and Peele’s characters Wild and Wendell.

Doechii and Baby Tate say they use their personal demons or shadow sides to fuel their journeys.

Netflix’s “Wendell & Wild” premiered Oct. 28th to the streaming platform. The film stars Emmy awsrad winning Keegan-Michael as Wild, Academy Award winer Jordan Peele as Wendell, Lyric Ross, Angela Bassett, James Hong, Tamara Smart, Natalie Martinez, Tantoo Cardinal, Gabrielle Dennis, Igal Naor, David Harewood, Maxine Peake, Ramona Young, Sam Zelaya, Seema Virdi, Gary Gatewood, and Ving Rhames.

Be sure to stream “Wendell and Wild” on Netflix.

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