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Beyonce and Rico Love collage

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Grammy Award-winning record producer, songwriter and singer Rico Love was recently on Tank’s R&B Money Podcast. While there, he told an unbelievable story about how one of Beyoncé‘s biggest hits came to be. Click inside to learn more.

We all know just how legendary Beyoncé is. She just recently became the artist with most Grammy Awards ever. Even with all of her accolades, we sometimes might take her talent, work ethic and humbleness for granted. In a recent interview with Tank and his co-host (and multi-platinum songwriter/executive) J. Valentine on the R&B Money Podcast, Rico Love put it into perspective. He gives background to the story by telling them his reaction to hearing a loop of the song. Love adds that prior to Beyoncé arriving, he had written Sweet Dreams.

He recalls Beyoncé arriving and informing him that she didn’t have time to record (she had a show later that night). He praised her character for what she did next. He claims that Beyoncé wanted to show up in person because she was late and had them waiting on her for hours. Not wanting to let a golden opportunity slips through his hands, Rico told Beyoncé that he’d loved to play her a song that he had just written. He first played her a house song and her response was a bit underwhelming. He then shoots his shot one more time. He forewarns her that he has another song but he literally just finished writing it and it hadn’t even been mixed yet. Although she was in a rush, Beyoncé listened and Love played ‘Sweet Dreams.’

Her response to hearing ‘Sweet Dreams’ was completely different from her hearing the house track. According to Love, Beyoncé then turned and asked her manager Angie how much time they had left. Angie told her 20 minutes and apparently that was more than enough time for the Queen. Bey took off her heels and earrings and in a matter of 15 minutes, she had laid the whole track.

As if working with and having writing credits for one of the biggest artists in history wasn’t enough, Rico told them the exact moment his life changed. He mentions how when Beyoncé steps out of the booth, she remembers that she didn’t say Rico’s famous ‘Turn the lights on’ phrase. As any normal human would be, Rico Love was geeked up. What are the chances something like that happens on a normal day? Slim to none. We’re grateful that it did happen though or we wouldn’t have one of Beyoncé’s biggest hits. Shout out to both of the legendary hit makers!