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Kids say the darndest things! On today’s episode of children have no filter, Serena Williams’ five-year-old daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian revealed mommy’s real hairstyle. The tennis champion shared their cute and comedic exchange on social media Sunday (July 16). Read and check out the tweet inside.

Williams appears to be enjoying her motherhood journey as she prepares to welcome her second child with her husband Alexis Ohanian. The 41-year-old superstar athlete announced her second pregnancy in May 2023 at the Met Gala, where she flaunted her baby bump in a stunning black dress accompanied by her husband.

Aside from sharing her “belly routine” for avoiding stretch marks with her daughter and bestie Olympia, the two have had quite a few funny and memorable moments regarding beauty routines and perfect strangers.

Williams shared that a “nice lady” complimented her on her hair. Serena accepted the woman’s kind compliment, but before the lady could leave, her daughter reveals, “It’s a wig.”

Check out the tweet below:

The tennis star is candid about wearing wigs, and she even shares the embarrassing moments that women who wear wigs can certainly relate to online. On May 13, she took to social media to share how her wig fell off when she was getting her neck adjusted by an in-home chiropractor.

“I was thinking about this one time I needed to get my neck adjusted,” she shared in the video. “I was my neck was so tight, I just was like I need to get this adjusted ASAP. So, the guy came over to the adjust me.”

Fans can imagine where this story might be going.

“I had just was getting ready,” Williams continued. “I had my wig on. I didn’t pin it on. I didn’t glue it on. I literally just had it on. Next thing I know he’s like puts me on the table and he’s adjusting to me. I’m thinking, ‘Oh my God, Oh my God! Do not come off.’ He adjusted my neck, and of course, my wig flies off.”

Watch the throwback clip below: