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Brandy’s 21-year-old daughter Syrai Smith recently played a little lyric prank on her mom. The recent college graduate took her talents to TikTok, and Brandy was utterly confused. Check out the hilarious video inside.

Singer and songwriter Brandy has one daughter Syrai, who’s grown up so fast. Just a few months ago, she graduated with an associates degree from the LA Film School Summa Cum Laude. It appears the young, budding talent has many gifts like her superstar R&B mom. Syrai has a promising voice and has an obvious thirst for more knowledge in her field and beyond.

This mother-daughter duo are not new to creating social media videos together, but this one posted two days ago is probably the funniest yet. The popular lyric challenge, where social media users prank their friends and family by reciting the lyrics from their favorite songs bar for bar in conversation, has stormed the Internet. Now, Syrai gave it try for herself and pranked her mom.

Syrai begins reciting the lyrics to Kali’s popular single, “Area Codes.” She starts off by jokingly saying, “I got something to tell you” before reciting the first line, “So, I got a white boy on my lobster. He be feeding me pasta and lobster.”

Brandy immediately asks, “What does that mean,” in utter confusion. Syrai covers her mouth, trying to hold back her laughter. The 21 year old continues with the rest of the lyrics, saying, “He hit me up on Tuesday like what you doing bae? Let me take you shopping.”

Her mom takes a moment to try and understand Syrai before belting out, “That’s an immediate no.”

Brandy was just perplexed and still until the very end of the nearly 2-minute video she does not understand what’s happening. Meanwhile, Syrai is cracking up on the other end as she records the prank. The video has nearly 80k likes and fans seem to be enjoying the mother-daughter social media prank.

Check out the exchange below: