AT&T Rising Future Makers- Header Update_September 2023 | Urban One | 2023-08-21

AT&T Dream in Black celebrates and empowers future leaders who are making a positive impact. The third-annual AT&T Rising Future Makers Showcase is back to reward a new class of HBCU students with exclusive opportunities to take their dreams to new heights.

The Rising Future Makers Showcase highlights the importance of building positive connections by linking students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with notable HBCU alumni and industry leaders.

In this episode of The Futurist presented by AT&T Rising Future Makers, we meet Cadence Patrick, a Spelman College Computer Science major who is on a mission to help young Black women navigate the world of STEM.

Cadence sat down with technologist Kimberly Bryant, founder of the Black Innovation Lab, to discuss their shared passion for computer science and building a better future.

AT&T Dream In Black

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Connecting Changes Everything

Cadence developed her passion for computer science through Black Girls Code, a program founded by Bryant that offers computer programming education to girls from underrepresented communities. “It’s been really cool growing up with this community of Black girls who are also passionate about computer science,” she says. “Seeing people who are paving their own way for themselves, that is inspiring to me. I want to be that person that others can look up to.”

Cadence is passionate about engaging with her Spelman College community. “Connecting changes everything,” she says. “One thing that I love about the community that I have at school is that we are all very dedicated to uplifting and motivating each other.”

As an industry leader, Bryant is focused on ensuring that there is a seat at the table for everyone. “When I think about creating a future, it’s about making sure that everybody has an equitable chance … and Black women and girls in particular can have a seat at the table,” she says.

To empower Cadence to continue to fuel her vision and make a positive impact, Kimberly presents the rising technologist with an award of $5,000 courtesy of AT&T Dream in Black.

AT&T Dream In Black

Source: Courtesy of AT&T / other

Apply To The AT&T Rising Future Makers Showcase

If you are or know of a currently enrolled HBCU student, between the ages of 18 to 25, apply now for the AT&T Rising Future Makers Showcase and $5,000 could be yours.

The application process is officially open for the upcoming cohort of students, offering them the chance to elevate their dreams with unmatched connections, networks, and opportunities that will drive their ambitions forward.

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