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Well Baby Blue is trying to clear his name.  Kinda.  After news broke that Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue knocked up Tisha Campbell’s little sister Tiara, he talked to TT Torrez over at IPower Richmond about it.

He confirms he did “hit off” Tiara (his words, not mine), but he says he wants to get a test.  Why?  Because they only had sex once (don’t we hear this everytime?) and he strapped up (we hear this everytime too) and she was just a jumpoff.  Sigh.  He also says the sex was wack and he can’t be a deadbeat daddy to an unborn baby.

OH…but it gets better.  Baby Blue says all this drama is getting him in trouble with his new girlfriend KEKE WYATT!  *dead* Really KeKe??   You go from the fabulousness that is “My First Love” to Pretty Ricky??