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<p>Last night on Bravo&rsquo;s &ldquo;Watch What Happens Live&rdquo; with host Andy Cohen, Tyson Beckford got put in the hot seat. Andy asked Tyson &ldquo;What man would he want to be with?&rdquo; Tyson responded by saying &ldquo;Well I&rsquo;m not gay.&rdquo; Andy then said &ldquo;Well I know but if you were, what man would you be with?&rdquo; Tyson then went for it hook line and sinker and said &rdquo; It would have to be Barack Obama, and I would want to be on top&rdquo; he continued &hellip;.&rdquo;well who did you think I was gonna say? Will Smith?? There is just something about Barack Obama.&rdquo;</p><p>Poor Tyson! The PC answer here would have been &ldquo;No comment&rdquo;, or better yet &ldquo;Stop it Andy.&rdquo; &nbsp;I have no issue with the gay talk, my issue is with Tyson saying he wanted to be on top of my Obama!! Dem Dere fighting words lolol.</p>