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Beychella not only marked the return of queen Beyonce — it also reminded us how much of a Godiva Goddess Kelly Rowland is.

We always knew that Kelz was a stunning woman with lots of talent, but let’s face it — sometimes it’s hard living in a Beyoncé world. But that never stopped Kelly letting her undeniable talent and crystal clear skin from shining on the haters.

We’re not here to compare the ladies of Destiny’s Child at all. We just think that Kelly Rowland’s fineness deserves an entire day to be exposed. Check out the gallery below to get your chocolate fix.

1. Mmm mm mm.

2. Sheesh.

3. We can’t keep up.

4. Fuego

5. Like, come on.

6. Flawless for real.

7. What’s the secret, Kelz?

8. Beaute!

9. Goodness.

10. Hi Kelly.