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Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's "Colin In Black And White" - Arrivals

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In 2016, Colin Kaepernick went from a famous NFL player to an infamous civil rights activist after deciding to kneel during the National Anthem to protest against the injustices African-Americans face in this country.

Kaepernick made standing up for what you believe in something to aspire to. The quarterback also presented a bold statement and gave life to an old trend by letting his afro grow and flourish. If that wasn’t Black enough, he even rocked cornrows for a while during the season.

Now, years later, the culture still celebrates his selflessness and all that he gave to shed light on racisim and police brutality in America. Kaep’s even got his own series out on Netflix that follows his childhood and many of the events throughout his upbringing that led to him becoming the man he is today.

In honor of the brave athlete’s 34th birthday, we honor Colin Kaepernick’s confidence, strength and Blackness with photos of him looking like Black excellence. And if you haven’t tuned into his show, Colin In Black and White, check out a trailer and synopsis below. Happy Birthday, Kaep!

Synopsis: “From co-creators Ava DuVernay and Colin Kaepernick comes Colin in Black & White, a bold new limited series that chronicles Kaepernick’s coming of age story, tackling the obstacles of race, class and culture as the Black adopted child of a white family. Colin in Black & White stars Jaden Michael as Young Colin before reaching the highest levels of American football as an NFL quarterback and becoming a cultural icon and activist; Nick Offerman and Mary-Louise Parker as his well-meaning parents Rick and Teresa; and Colin Kaepernick himself, who appears as the present-day narrator of his own story, guiding viewers through a robust and colorfully presented array of historical and contemporary contextual moments. You don’t know Kaepernick until you know Colin.”

1. Stand for something, or fall for anything.

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2. Woke bae.

colin Kaepernick Source:Getty

3. Leader of the pack.

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4. “It’s better to be a lion for a day, than a sheep all your life.”- Elizabeth Kenny

colin Kaepernick Source:Getty

5. “It is our duty to fight for our freedom.”- Assata Shakur

colin Kaepernick Source:Getty

6. Dignity, Pride, Roots.

colin Kaepernick Source:Getty

7. The world won’t ever forget Kaep.

8. Happy Birthday, King.