1. Not only is Derek a leader in his sport, he’s got a million dollar smile.

2. Whether he’s warming up, working the field, or up to bat, Derek Jeter is so damn fine.

3. Nothing’s sexier than watching a guy do what he loves.

4. Even this MLB all-star needs a break here and there.

5. *Insert heart-eyes emoji here*

6. Even on the sidelines, we’d be hard pressed to find a better looking man in the league.

7. Seriously, peep those baby blues!

8. *Swoons*

9. Not only is Derek an amazing player, he’s a true sportsman.

10. We even love his more serious side.

11. Jeter is always on his suit and tie ish.

12. Whether he’s rockin’ pinstripes or sweats, this is one hot 40-year-old.

13. His street style is everything.

14. This Major League baller is no stranger to flying through the air, but he does so with some serious swag.

15. This career New York Yankee takes practice very seriously.

16. Off the field, No. 2 is nothing but laughs.

17. Whoa!

18. Like most New Yorkers, this guy can be totally casual and still fashion-forward.

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