1. Those eyes though.

2. Hashtag makeup or no makeup, he’s still hashtag fine.

3. Like…

4. ….

5. !!!!

6. Look at his pearly whites.

7. #sorrynotsorry

8. *winking face emoji*

9. Tell us what’s on your mind, Idris.

10. Or don’t.

11. We’ll just keep staring at you either way.

12. How could we not?

13. He’s the light at the end of a very handsome tunnel.

14. Right back atcha.

15. Tall, dark and handsome. Holler.

16. Ugh.

17. He’s picture perfect.

18. Who knew getting a haircut could be such a beautiful experience?

19. Oh, we see you.

20. And those lips. We see them, too.


22. *swoons*


24. The man, the myth, the mustache

25. Is this his ass? We’re pretty sure this is his ass…..

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