1. Curvy in Armenia.

Kim, Khloe Kardashian holds daughter North in arms as she visits church in Gyumri Source:Splash News

2. Bootylicious from the beginning.

Khloe Kardashian Odom's HPNOTIQ Glam Louder Program Launch Source:Getty

6. That ass on the Dash.

The Kardashian Family Celebrates the Grand Opening of DASH Miami Beach Source:Getty

7. That ass at 1Oak.

Khloe Kardashian 1Oak Source:Splash News

8. That ass in the nude.

Miami Celebrity Sightings - March 12, 2014 Source:Getty

12. That ass getting out the car.

13. That ass from the side.

14. That ass from the front.

15. That ass in low-riders.

16. That ass on FLEEK!

17. That ass on the go.

18. That ass mid-flight.

19. That ass in white.

20. That ass from the back.

21. That ass in jeans.

22. That ass in tights.

23. That ass in red.

24. That ass committing murder.

25. That ass shopping ’til it drops.

26. That ass playing peek-a-boo.

27. That ass in all black.

28. That ass in a skirt.

29. That ass in gym pants.

30. That ass being humble, but still letting b*tches know.

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