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Janelle Monae finally put an end to the speculations about her sexuality and revealed that she identifies as Pansexual.

But the “Make Me Feel” singer isn’t the only star who has spoken out about their pansexuality. Check out the gallery of below.

1. Janelle Monae


After years of keeping quiet, the queen finally opened up about her sexuality — revealing that she identifies as pansexual.

2. Angel Haze

Angel Haze performs Source:Getty

When explaining her sexuality earlier in her career, Angel said that she sees other people for who they are and not according to any labels of gender.

3. Miley Cyrus

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Celebrity Sightings Source:Getty

When revealing her sexuality back in 2015, Miley said she hates the word bisexual and that she doesn’t belong to the mainstream definitions of gender or sexuality.

4. Sia

In 2009, Sia told reporter, “I don’t care what gender you are, it’s about people. I didn’t just recently open up, I just recently got famous! I’ve always been … well, flexible is the word I would use.”

5. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Source:Getty

Jolie use to identify as bisexual. But later in her career, she said that she sees the beauty in living things and people from all walks of life. “Everyone counts”

6. Lady Gaga

59th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals Source:Getty

Gaga revealed a long time ago that she does not identify gender or any type of sexuality when looking for love.

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