1. Beyonce & Jay Z show off their fly winter fashion while flying around Iceland in a helicopter.

2. Beyonce takes in the sights from above.

3. Bey and her hubby slip away for some relaxing time in the resort’s hot tub.

4. Beyonce shows off her ***flawless look while cruising in a chopper.

5. Jay suits up to keep warm while playing in the snow with his family.

6. Check out the spread at this over the top spread!

7. Bey and Jay let Blue Ivy take the wheel for a few minutes.

8. The Carter’s hop on a snow mobile for a ride around Iceland.

9. After their ride the couple and their crew get down and dirty in the snow!

10. Jay takes in the sights from his window-side seat.

11. Bey and Jay share some bubbly while enjoying a beautiful snowfall.

12. A view of the gorgeous countryside from the helicopter.

13. Mr. and Mrs. Carter throw up their roc in front of a beautiful waterfall.

14. Bey shows off her adorable ratchet side while warming up in the hot tub with her man.

15. Check out the huge smile on Jay’s face during his 45th birthday dinner!

16. Gorgeous!

17. The hardest working couple in hip-hop slipped away to pop some bottle during their well-deserved vacation.

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