BMF Season 3 Episodic Stills 307

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Meech travels to St. Louis to link up with J-Pusha and his brother Carter to set up business there, and he finds a new love interest with Keeya, yet he also learns the hustle in Detroit and Atlanta is omnipresent.

1. Make A Choice

BMF Season 3 Episodic Stills 307 Source:Starz

The episode begins with Meech in St. Louis. He’s at a baseball diamond with J-Pusha, his little brother Carter and their homegirl Keeya (played by Saweetie). As Meech and J-Pusha discuss their plans to expand J’s territory with the pure weight that Meech has, Carter is shockingly kidnapped. Apparently J-Pusha served thee guys behind the kidnapping some bad product while still taking their money. They called him and threatened to harm Carter if they weren’t given back their money and some real product. This pissed J-Pusha off and he wanted to ride on them immediately. Meech (and Keeya) chimed in and told him that going to the mattresses at the moment might not have been the best idea but J-Pusha wasn’t trying to hear it. Similar to Meech, Tee was trying to get his soldiers to calm down also. After Henri flamed Dizz up, BMF members wanted blood. Tee momentarily diffused the situation by letting his people know that he had a one on one set up with Blaze to try and settle their differences. Elsewhere at the Flenory home, Charles is a little thrown off when he sees that Maurice has sent Lucille flowers to their home with a card. He makes a slick remark to Lucille about it that causes an argument between the two. Charles continued to express how money doesn’t buy happiness and how the two of them will always love each other. Lucille responded by explaining that she’s her own woman. She went on to say that she doesn’t belong to anybody and she deserves to be loved how she wants to. She basically told Charles that she’ll make the decision about who she wants to be with on her own time. 

2. Lines Drawn

BMF Season 3 Episodic Stills 307 Source:Starz

Blaze and Tee ended up meeting face to face at the restaurant. The conversation didn’t last long at all. Once it was obvious that Blaze wasn’t willing to step in to stop or discipline his daughter, Tee heard all that he needed to. He made it clear to Blaze that if he isn’t going to be part of the solution, he’ll be looked at as part of the problem. Before the meeting concluded, Tee was sure to give Blaze back the gift that he brought him for his newborn, signaling that there was no friendliness between the two anymore. 

3. Thrown Off

BMF Season 3 Episodic Stills 307 Source:Starz

Back in St. Louis, the tempature rises a bit when the kidnappers send one of Carter’s cut off fingers in a box to J-Pusha’s home. Miss Esther (J-Pusha and Carter’s mother) is livid when she sees this. She orders J-Pusha to do whatever he has to do to get his brother home. Meech tells J-Pusha that he can make a call and get the weight to St. Louis so that they’ll have the money to get Carter back. Just when it looks like he’s going to be down for Meech’s plan, the kidnappers call. J-Pusha lets his anger take over him and instead of telling them he’ll pay, he tells them that he’s putting some money on their heads. Meech makes a call to Tee to have him send some weight down to STL. While on the phone, the two get into a slight disagreement. Tee is confused as to why Meech always decides to stick his nose is other people’s business. An irritated Meech explains how helping them will help them in the long run. Jin is still very shaken up about the death of Amberson. Her father gives her some kind words that encourage her to not give up and to keep it pushing. She emotionally tells him that she loves him and the two share a heartwarming moment. 

4. Mind Your OWN Business

BMF Season 3 Episodic Stills 307 Source:Starz

Lucille, LaWanda and Desiree are having a chill time until Tee walks in and changes the whole mood…well at least for LaWanda. As soon as he walks in, the same argument that always arises comes back up. LaWanda mentions how she doesn’t have time for Tee to be coming whenever he wants to, especially because she knows that he’s spending most of his time with Markisha. Lucille expresses her discontent with Tee’s relationship with her also. She even compares Tee to Charles when trying to explain to her son how Markisha isn’t part of their family. Tee responds by telling his mother by bringing up her situation with Dr. Montclair and how he is actually the one who isn’t part of their family. Lucille realizes that she might have been being a bit hypocritical but doesn’t admit it but instead tells Tee to stay out of her business. In St. Louis, we find out that the kidnappers owe someone else money and that’s actually why they kidnapped Carter. In the midst of them discussing their next move, two guys bust in and attempt to rescue Carter but are eventually killed. The kidnappers flea the scene with Carter. In Detroit, it seems like somebody needs to be more in Nicole’s business. As her and Breeze walked into school the, the metal detector went off. When the security guard goes through her bookbag, he finds a pocketknife. Breeze tries to take the blame for it but it doesn’t work because the knife has Charles’ name on it. 

5. Pay Attention To Nicole

BMF Season 3 Episodic Stills 307 Source:Starz

When Tee gets back to Markisha, he tells her how the visit with LaWanda and the baby went. He ends up telling her that he would love for her to help him pick out some gifts for them (LaWanda and the kids). Before they can get too deep into it, Tee gets a call alerting him that the bricks Calix got into a car crash with the bricks he was supposed to be delivering to Meech and J-Pusha in St. Louis. Lucille and Charles were extremely disappointed in Nicole when they picked her up from the police station. She expressed how crazy it was to see someone get killed and explained that she only had the knife for protection. She continued by telling her parents that she’s been trying to express these thing and many others to them but no one listens.  

6. Change Of Plans

BMF Season 3 Episodic Stills 307 Source:Starz

Jin approaches Bryant at a bar and updates him on everything going on. She breaks down how Garr started to act a bit funny when she mentioned Henri’s name and how he suspended her right after. She tells her ex-partner how she feels like Garr might be in Blaze’s pockets. Bryant tells her that they’ll never be able to catch them on the books and she responds that they’ll just have to write their own book then. In St. Louis, Meech gets the news about Calix and has to tell J-Pusha that the wait for the weight will be a little longer. Almost simultaneously J-Pusha gets a call telling updating him on the latest involving his brother. Him, Meech and Keeya immediately head out to hit the streets. Back in Detroit, Tee meets with some of Henri’s workers and offers them a deal they can’t refuse (basically getting their work for less and not having to worry about looking over their shoulders all the time). When Meech, J-Pusha and Keeya get to the house that Carter was being held at, they find Franklin (one of J-Pusha’s workers) dead. Meech notices some leftover Chinese food boxes and gets an idea. Markisha took it upon herself to pull up to LaWanda’s house in an attempt to straighten things out. Although Markisha’s intentions were good (she came bearing gifts), LaWanda wasn’t having it. The two women couldn’t help but to go at each other and the meeting went nowhere.

7. Go Cardinals!

BMF Season 3 Episodic Stills 307 Source:Starz

Sterl met up with Meech to deliver him the bricks that Calix couldn’t. As Meech was telling Sterl that they might not need them because he has an idea, the cops come and start raiding the area. Sterl grabs the bag from his car and puts it in Meech’s. The two only are able to escape because Meech acts as if he’s an MLB players who is lost and trying to find his way to the Cardinals’ practice facility. In Detroit, Markisha is pulled over by a cop named Vince. He is obviously attracted to Markisha and that’s evident by him handing her a piece of paper with his number on it instead of an actual ticket. Markisha seems to be oddly interested in him (or at least the attention he’s giving her) too, although we can’t be too sure.

8. Young Love

BMF Season 3 Episodic Stills 307 Source:Starz

Breeze sneaks and pulls up to the Flenory home while Nicole is washing the dishes. He wanted to come and check on her after what happened at school. Nicole expresses how she can take care of herself but Breeze lets her know that she doesn’t have to. This leads to the two sharing a kiss. Nicole’s mother was also sharing kisses…but with Maurice. He tells Lucille that at some point, she’ll have to decide who and what she wants. Lucille lets him know that she just wants to have fun. She continues by telling him that she had to grow up so fast and that’s she giving herself to everything and everybody else. She emphasizes how she just wants to be in the present. Maurice confirms that he’ll wait forever if he has to in order to get her.

9. Who The King?

BMF Season 3 Episodic Stills 307 Source:Starz

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