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Beyoncé has pretty solid reputation for being damn near perfect. So much so that it’s rare we get to see the Queen indulge in everyday things that we do — like turning up.

We’ve seen Bey with a drink in her hand before, but in her 20 year career, we’ve never seen her belligerent or getting carried out the club for being too wasted. However, in honor of her 37th birthday, we dug up some rare pics of the star looking litty.

Thank us later.

1. Basketball Buzzed

Beyonce Source:Splash News

Bey must’ve started feeling her drank mid-game.

2. When you stand up too fast and don’t realize how tipsy you are

Beyonce Source:Splash News

3. When your friend offers to take photos of you after the club.

Beyonce 2006 Source:Getty

4. Drunk In Love

Beyonce 2006 Source:Getty

No better person to be Buzzed up with than your boo.

5. Yacht Buzzed

Beyonce Source:Splash News

Who wouldn’t be turning up on yacht in France?

6. Bound To Be Buzzed

Beyonce Source:Splash News

Bey looks like she’s either running from the alcohol or running to it. Peep the Happy Hour sign.

7. Beer Buzzed

Beyonce Source:Splash News

You can see the beer bliss in her eyes

8. No Pics Please

Beyonce Source:Splash News

Who wants a flash in their face after a night of sipping.

9. All smiles

Beyonce Source:Splash News

The smirk and the glow says it all.

10. Beach Buzzed

Beyonce Source:Splash News

Getting lit on the beach and taking photos is the best! Right, Bey?

11. Behind the gorgeous smile is a woman turnt.

Beyonce Source:Splash News

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