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1. President Obama gets the biggest of hugs from an adorable girl with adorable pig tails in the White House.

2. Face/Off! President Obama and one little American have a staring contest.

3. We wonder who won!

4. Making funny faces with the cutest of White House guests.

5. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope, it’s just Air Force One.

6. Cutest Story Ever: When Alanah Poullard visited the White House to greet Wounded Warriors and their families, she asked the president to write her a school excuse note so she wouldn’t get in trouble for missing a day of school. He happily did just that.

7. “Smell my hand Mr. President!”

8. Kisses for the president on the White House lawn.

9. Obama loves the kids…even when they’re a chore to pick up.

10. While visiting Sasha & Malia’s school, President Obama spotted these pre-schoolers checking him out. Time to stop for a quick conversation about universal Pre-K education!

11. “President Obama, look at the camera!”

12. Obama greeting little visitors dressed to the nines.

13. We’re sure this conversation was all about hair.

14. Airplane rides from the president? Who wouldn’t be smiling!?

15. Taking a moment from signing executive orders to play tag in the Oval Office.

16. Another conversation about great hair and cute babies.

17. Reaching for a high five!

18. The president takes the time to greet Americans and a cute baby on an airplane tarmac.

19. Getting hugs from the cutest of students during a trip to a pre-school.

20. Meeting the cousins and siblings of Newtown victim Emilie Parker just two days after the Sandy Hook massacre.

21. What’s a day in the White House without getting caught by a mini Spider-Man?

22. There’s something about that presidential face that babies just love.

23. Giggles and laughs from a staffer’s baby boy.

24. There’s nothing like high fives from the president.

25. Obama and Baby Face-Off’s. They are definitely a thing.

26. President Obama gives an animated expression while meeting with students at an elementary school.

27. Students help Obama during a literacy lesson at an elementary school.

28. Pound it, Bro!

29. At least one of them has the right basketball team on for the former Chicago Senator.

30. Hooray’s and baby holding on a trip to Senegal.

31. Looks like President Obama is interrupting dinner at Brooklyn’s iconic restaurant Juniors. But this little girl doesn’t mind.

32. President Obama tries to have a meeting with college students. But this little guy is so intrigued he keeps inching his way into the conversation.

33. Pete Souza: “The President talks with the six-year-old son of departing staff member David Vandivier just outside the Oval Office. The youngster had just inquired how old the President was going to be in a few days (the President’s birthday is Aug. 4). ’52,’ the President replied. ‘Whoa!’ said the six-year-old.”

34. President Obama keeping a close eye on the students.

35. According to her big grin, watching the president sign an executive order is a lot of fun.

36. Pete Souza: “The President called me over to pose for a photo with a young boy who had fallen asleep during the Father’s Day ice cream social in the State Dining Room of the White House.” Gotcha!

37. President Obama greets a little boy with the biggest grin we’ve seen in a while.

38. Racing Denis McDonough’s children while en route to the announcement that Denis would become the new Chief of Staff.

39. Obama clearly discussing amazing afro’s with this adorable baby.

40. Obama Loves The Kids!

41. Even the sleepiest of babies don’t miss a chance to meet the president.

42. Telling secrets in the Oval Office.

43. Epic “Chloe” side eyes in the Oval Office.

44. Amazed by how many wrinkles the president has amassed during his second term.

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