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Psychic Zya hooked us up with another week’s worth of horoscopes!

Bossip Horoscopes

Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert

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This week with Venus going into Taurus on the 29th and staying through the 23rd of May I wanted to focus on every sign’s love life. Especially because Mars enters Aries on the 30th adding energy and speed to whatever we wish to undertake.

However Aries can be foolish- rushing in blindly – while Taurus likes things steady, practical and methodical.

Ermm. Clash much?

Then on the 2nd of May we have Pluto going retrograde in Aquarius which creates a very intense self directed “Me” energy. This planetary position will force you to get real, speak your truth and possibly cause personal upheaval that at first will be insane, but when the dust settles you may find that it was just what you needed.

Or not…lol.
PS: Please on the 2nd stay away from the news. Oddly it seems that all global upsets are timed right around big planetary changes.

How odd…

Anywho on to your love forecast for the week…let’s goooo!

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Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Seek pleasure and lots of it. Yup! That’s your love message. If it doesn’t bring you pleasure, then move on. This could be from buying a fancy new pair of shoes to deciding which way to swipe on the latest dating apps. Seek pleasure and you know what? You’ll actually feel good and be in a better frame of mood.

RED FLAG: With that in mind, stay away from low vibing people. No need to call them out (unless it’s your spouse) just move around them and keep it cool.

SWEET SPOT: Love is a verb. What actions of love define how you give and receive love? Ponder this over a decadent dessert while wearing a sexy fragrance at your fave local cafe.


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Is your love life at a standstill? Believe it or not this may be a good thing. Hear me out. If you’ve still not undergone deep healing and shadow work- Spirit is giving you the opportunity to do it without drama. Cause if you do it through a partner it can get crazy real quick. On another note, many of you are’t tapping into your intuition when it comes to matters of the heart which is making you lose out on potetenial love. To assist with this, take some time to meditate with crystals – Rose Quartz and Purple Amethyst.
RED FLAG: What makes someone trustworthy or not in your book? It may be time to shift how you define trustworthiness. Some in your circle need to be culled.
SWEET SPOT: To get and keep your energy in a good place, consider taking up Qi Gong.


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Your dream love life lands at the intersection of forgiveness and inner peace. Who have you yet to forgive? Yourself? An old lover? A not-so-great-caregiver? Some of you have heart blockages due to this and it’s literally constipating your love life. Grab the book Taming Your Outer Child by Susan Anderson so you can watch and heal the red flags within yourself.

RED FLAG: If you struggle with’s ok. Do your best and just because you forgive doesn’t mean you have to reconnect. Grab some green calcite crystal and do heart chakra meditations to help move the energy along.

SWEET SPOT: Do something fun this weekend that you forgot that you actually used to love to do. This will open up your heart energy in an easy and joyful way.


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

This Mars in Aries will have many of you seeking love in your curated communities. Unfortunately, you may find that this isn’t the best strategy as you may see through the illumination of many who are fronting about their own broken heart status. Spend time listing out the traits you seek in your partner and then go into meditation to see if these are traits that you carry within. As we are all but a reflection of which we attract and then choose. Read that again.

RED FLAG: Speaking of community, if someone feels off, then trust your gut on that, but don’t cut them off without an in-depth conversation first. Just could be an energy mismatch and nothing foul.

SWEET SPOT: Blessings of all varieties are all around you. Use a discerning mind and an open heart to receive them fully.


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Healing Chaos when it comes to love is on the horizon for many of you. Now before you panic, focus on the word “healing”… In order to drop dead weight we gotta sacrifice and often feel a bit of pain. When things become a bit much, especially as Venus goes into Taurus then get really still and ask your Ancestors for spirit messages and to open up doors for you. This will also apply to those with Taurean Moons, Venus and Jupiter.

RED FLAG: Security and feeling safe looks different for everyone. If yours looks like a high end apartment building with a 24 hour doorman- does the price really matter? That’s an analogy but you get my drift. Do what makes you feel your best as long as it is not hurting anyone.

SWEET SPOT: If you’ve recently relocated to a new city or country, resist the urge to go into hermit mode and go out and network. It will lift your spirits.


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

When it comes to matters of the heart, we often sit still when we should be taking action. But taking action takes courage and the ability to self-lead. Do you feel you have what it takes? If not then get a relationship coach -and grab the book Attached: The Adult Style of Attachment by Amir Levine. This will help you quickly get to the root of what keeps you stagnant in this area of your life.

RED FLAG: There may be a management shift at work. Sit back and observe this person before trying to connect with them. Be strategic and savvy.

SWEET SPOT: If you’ve been thinking of taking a trip to an exotic land – go for it! It appears that a potential love interest may be across foreign waters.


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

For those of you who are single, healed, and seeking you must start to embrace taking risks in the love department. However patience is also important as not everyone will respond to your fiery action, but you’ll find that you get further faster. And listen, take the strategy of a “quick no gets you closer to the perfect yes” …and keep putting yourself out there. Don’t forget the dating apps.

RED FLAG: You’re entering a period of rapid transformation under this Pluto retrograde. Don’t be afraid to go back in time and reassess what works for you and what doesn’t. Ignore all outside judgment as only your opinion of self matters.

SWEET SPOT: As you’re scrolling through the dating apps – take note of any taste changes and welcome them with ease and not fear. As we shift internally so does what and who we become attracted to.

8. LEO

Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

One of the best things about dating is that after each relationship we have the opportunity to self-reflect and gain wisdom. This season is asking you to go back in time (Pluto retrograde will help) and really work to extract the gems around your past (failed) relationships. Where have you grown? What’s up with your current boundaries? Fulfillment in your next relationships lies in the lessons from the past. Enjoy the ride down memory lane.

RED FLAG: Freedom looks different for everyone. Make sure when choosing a partner you’ve got the same ideals around this or you may find yourself entangled in petty arguments simply because you’ve different goals when it comes to freedom.

SWEET SPOT: New beginnings in the love department could start with a new zip code, upgraded hairstyle, and an extended friends circle. Give it some thought.


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Staying open and simple will be the key to a sizzling new love for those who are single and seeking and also happen to be Virgo (side eye). Please don’t think or talk your way out of a happy love life. We all deserve love. Lean into your emotions and let them lead as long as they aren’t too outlandish. (Wink, wink at your secret naughty side.)

RED FLAG: Don’t date potential. That’s it. Make this your personal mantra this week.

SWEET SPOT: Go to events and places that you enjoy…chances are your love match is there as well and will enjoy them too.


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Love wants you with as little baggage as possible. The goal is purity meets purpose in terms of where your energy should be centered when seeking a soul mate. If you find that you aren’t there yet, then sit this season of love out and go deeply within for continued healing and wisdom gaining. This will also apply to those with Libra in Mars and Venus.

RED FLAG: Old lovers may try to wiggle their way back in. Look at changed behavior over sweet talk and big fancy gestures.

SWEET SPOT: Abundance this week can be found with loved ones both family and friends. Really appreciate the beautiful circle in your life.


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Struggling in love can be a crux to bear with those born under the Scorpion. Why? It’s because still waters run deep and dark and dank and sometimes borderline depressed. LOL. Y’all know it’s true. This week, with all of this love energy floating around -take the time to lighten up – both in your mood and the colors of your clothing. Go outside, get some sun and seek out potential partners. Oh and don’t wear dark colors…please and thank you!

RED FLAG: Being flexible still means having boundaries. If someone is always asking for help but never returning the favor, release them without guilt. Yes, even family members.

SWEET SPOT: Miracles can come through at any time. Start a manifestation and gratitude practice and watch roads just open up for you.


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

If you’re in a bit of a confusing partnership and not sure how to move forward, then spend some time this week in complete solitude; including removing all devices from your immediate area. Ask your higher self for downloads and direction and move forward confident that you made the right choice. Take note that the truth of the matter can be harsh, but just focus on the other side of the necessary action you need to take.

RED FLAG: Make sure you’re protecting your investments of all varieties including your property and person.

SWEET SPOT: Find a delightful hobby you enjoy and go do it with a group of strangers. Who knows? New love could be among them.