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The latest season of Insecure has explored Molly’s relationship with a new love interest named Andrew, a.k.a. “Asian Bae”, and of course, the romance has been filled with ups and downs. Openness and miscommunication have been the primary issues as the two try to make it work as the show’s first serious interracial couple.

In some ways, art seems to imitate life, considering the actor who plays Andrew, Alexander Hodge, is dating a Black woman in real life. His social media is filled with cute, romantic photos of him and his girlfriend Ava Luu, who he’s been dating for a few years.

Despite dating a Black woman in real life, Hodge made it clear that he doesn’t bring his relationship to the T.V. relationship he has with Molly. In an interview with HuffPost he explained that it “would insinuate that black women are interchangeable and can all be treated the same, so I couldn’t allow myself to do that.”

He continued, “I would say the biggest thing my real-life relationship allowed me to bring was a more grounded appreciation of black culture and the black community ― understanding that just listening to J. Cole doesn’t make you an expert on the black experience. My real-life relationship definitely allowed me to sink into the character of Andrew more truthfully and see Molly for who she is entirely, without caricature or presumption.”

Well put!

You can check out more romantical pics of Hodge and his real-life girlfriend in the photos below.










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