1. 1. Joe Budden’s new girl is the beautiful Kaylin. Budden’s Instagram is flooded with pics that are must-see!

2. 2. Before Kaylin, Budden had a short fling with the gorgeous Dazzle.

3. 3. Yaris came right after Esther Baxter. Not a bad rebound.

4. 4. Esther and Budden dated for most of 2010. The breakup got ugly, however, after Esther accused the rapper of abusing her.

5. 5. Somaya Reece was Budden’s rebound after a long, hard breakup with Tahiry.

6. 6. Tahiry is without a doubt, Budden’s most famous ex. The couple was together for a number of years.

7. 7. Gloria Velez was Budden’s first big-name girlfriend. They dated in the mid-2000s, when Budden was still trying to get mainstream success.

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