1. 1. Lana Del Rey totes around her Mulberry purse named after her. <p> Photo Credit: WENN </p>

2. 2. A closer look at the Del Rey Mulberry bag named after Lana Del Rey. <p> Photo Credit: Mulberry Blog </p>

3. 3. Jane Birkin poses with the Hermes Birkin bag that was named after her.

4. 4. The Jane named Birkin bag is one of the most popular bags with celebrities to date. <p> Photo Credit: </p>

5. 5. Gisele is the most paid model in the world, so it is only right that Luella would name a bag after the trend setter. <p> Photo Credit: Splash News </p>

6. 6. The Gisele Bag by Luella <p> Photo Credit: </p>

7. 7. Canadian model Jessica Stam poses with the Marc Jacobs Stam bag named in her honor. <p> Photo Credit: </p>

8. 8. The Jessica Stam bag by Marc Jacobs <p> Photo Credit: Marc Jacobs </p>

9. 9. Alexa Chung is a style maven who was rewarded with a Mulberry bag all her own. <p> Photo Credit: </p>

10. 10. The Alexa Mulberry bag in purple. <p> Photo Credit: Mulberry Blog </p>

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