1. Cassie’s officially the official girl.

2. “The pool is like bath water with a little champaign sprinkled in it.” The lovers and friends live it up in Miami and decide to go swimming in the rain.

3. They just can’t get enough of each other.

4. She matches his fly. “#tbt Givenchy Show Paris February 2012 : My heart & my #swag twin.”

5. Selfies with bae.

6. Diddy’s picture of Cassie looking like, “BABY BOO! @casandrae DAMN U FINE! :)”

7. Money ain’t a damn thang, baby.

8. Champagne sippin’, NY livin’. The lovebirds posted up in front of the whip.

9. Cassie representing for her man. “Hat low, cup high… #happysaturday #cirocgirls #cirocgirlz #ciroc #ciroclife #cheersmotherf$*^%s.”

10. They love them some beach time. “Kissing u is very nice… The rest of you is paradise…

11. Cassie posts Diddy rocking his official girl’s clothing line.

12. Diddy wishes his bae sweet dreams while she’s on vacay in Hawaii.

13. Diddy’s a pretty lucky man, and he knows it too.

14. Boss $h!* at Coachella.

15. Gimme a kiss. Diddy and Cassie looking so in love as they pucker up for some serious smooches.

cassie diddy instagram

16. Diddy teases her with a cute caption: “@cassandra you stole my sweatshirt n*%$a! LOL bring it back.”

17. They have arrived. These two stuntin’ on ’em at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards.

18. Cassie hanging with the out with the guys, pouting, looking more than ready to go home.

19. Cassie cheesing like Diddy makes her the happiest girl in the world. Look at that smile!

20. These two take a ride through the town. Yeah, she’s a rider.

cassie diddy instagram

21. The engagement ring. Look at that rock!

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