1. Michel Sproles and her daughter. Cutie.

2. Malaysia and Miss Diddy looking fab.

3. Say cheese!

4. The community seemed to be enjoying the event.

5. Darren Sproles and his daughter.

6. Lovely! Darren Sproles interacting with the community and signing autographs.

7. Darren Sproles looking like eye candy.

8. Goo Goo emceeing at the event. Go Goo Goo.

9. Cali and her friend Jenny looking more than adorable!

10. Malaysia stepped in to sign autographs as well.

11. Add a little music and POW! Successful event.

12. Mr. and Mrs. Sproles. Team work makes the dream work.

13. The Sproles family. Gotta love the family support.

14. All in a day’s work.

15. Michel Sproles hugging Tiffney Cambridge (Cali’s mommy) thanking her for the support.

16. Miss Diddy and Goo Goo on the go.

17. Miss Diddy and Michel Sproles’ mom looking like they’re up to something.

18. The girls were looking glamorous.

19. Tiffany Cambridge and Goo-Goo posing it up.

20. When you invest in your community, you’re really just investing in yourself.

21. The generous sponsors’ gifts.

22. The Susan G Komen Foundation showing their support.

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