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1. 8. Rick Ross’ “Rich Forever” Chin Tat

Rick Ross is no stranger to face tattoos, but he took it to the next level of crazy and clever with his new “Rich Forever” tat. Embedded in his famous beard, Rick can continue to rock the patchy tatt or let his facial hair grow in when he gets tired of the ink. But hopefully through it all, Ricky will be rich forever.

2. 7. DC Rapper Fat Trel’s Various Face Tats

Compared to his rapping peers, DC rapper Fat Trel’s choice for facial ink is quite conservative. A few tear drops here, a cross there, and a few other words, Fat Trel’s face tats are still worth checking out.

3. 6. Game’s Star LA Tattoo

L.A. rapper Game is always repping the West Coast, but early on in his career, the “Jesus Piece” rapper’s starred L.A. tattoo was a butterfly. After receiving flack from his peers and the media, he eventually covered the tattoo with a “manlier” symbol. Side note: helping your kid study never looked so good – or so gangsta.

4. 5. Soulja Boy’s Gucci Symbol Forehead Tat

Soulja Boy loves his Gucci Bandana so much that he decided to get the luxury brand’s symbol tatted on his forehead for the whole world to see.

5. Soulja’s Miscellaneous Face Tats

To add to his face tat collection, Soulja Boy also has his label and a few other important things in his life tatted on his face.

6. 4. Birdman’s Rich Gang Tattoos

Cash Money Founder/CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams has been getting facial tattoos over the past decade, but his most recent ink is of his latest business venture “Rich Gang.”

7. 3. Lil Wayne’s “Baked” Tattoo

Inspired by his love for skateboarding, Lil Wayne decided to get “baked” tatted on his forehead to accompany his “I Am Music” tattoo.

8. 2. Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream Tattoo

Brrrrr…Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane debuted the coldest tattoo of them all in 2011, when he decided to get an ice cream cone tattooed on his face. For the longest time, Gucci Mane upstaged every rapper with a face tattoo, that is until fellow Atlanta rapper Yung LA got a duck tattooed on his face. Thankfully, Gucci Mane came to his senses and began getting the tattoo lasered off.

9. 1. Yung LA’s LA Dodgers-inspired Tattoo

After the Duct Tape label CEO denounced Yung LA’s duck tattoo, the rapper got the tattoo covered with large LA Dodgers inspired tattoo.