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R. Kelly Performs At Bass Concert Hall

Source: Rick Kern / Getty

A viral post reveals singer and songwriter R. Kelly singing to one fan live from his prison cell. The fan joyfully posted to her personal TikTok account and the Internet is subsequently bashing and praising her for it.

The video shows the fan on speaker phone, requesting the imprisoned R&B singer to sing a song for her. She says, “I wanted to ask you something. Can you sing a song for me?” He responds, “what do you want?” She promptly requests his single, “Love Letter.” R. Kelly belts out a deep groan and sigh and the fan starts the song for him, “did you get my call?”

R. Kelly begins singing the popular hook as the two girls in the video laugh with glee and give thanks to the singer.

The strangest part of the entire exchange is that the TikTok user posted the video with the caption, “when your dad goes to the same prison as R. Kelly,” as if the two attended the same church or supermarket.

Fans are expressing their many concerns on social media. The post can be perceived in many ways. Some people say she is the “luckiest woman alive.” While others find this entire exchange sickening. Others don’t believe the man singing in the video is even R. Kelly. It definitely sounds exactly like the record, but we can’t confirm or deny these claims.

Regardless, the post flagged a variation of concerns and comments from social media users, and we have a list of our favorite fan reactions below. Comment your thoughts on R. Kelly singing to the young girl from his prison cell.

1. The Video In Question


2. “Goes to the Same Prison”


3. A Skillful Photoshop Job


4. What’s Happening Here?


5. They Same To Be Into It


6. Is It Even Him?


7. What Was the Trade-off?


8. Fans Have Had Enough


9. Got To Do What He Got To Do We Suppose


10. Not the Flex He Thought It Was