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1. One of the recent creepy kisses we’ve seen was John Travolta macking on Scarlett Johansson on the 2015 Oscars red carpet.

2. Amber and Wiz’s tongue bite during the 2011 era.

Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa Source:Getty

3. Joe Biden is the king of getting creepy – this time, not only does he seem to not be able to stop touching Ashton Carter’s wife during a swearing-in ceremony, he plants a small creepy kiss on her.

4. Joe Biden is the OG of the creepy kiss. Here he is kissing a senator’s young daughter.

5. Madonna planted a kiss on Drake at this year’s Coachella, and then things got strange.

6. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley’s kiss at the 1994 VMAs was epically awkward.

7. Justin Bieber got his ass grabbed, then got kissed by Jenny McCarthy at the American Music Awards.

8. Will Smith slapped a male reporter who tried to kiss him on the red carpet.

9. This might be staged, but no means no! Cameron Diaz wasn’t about that kiss life.