1. Young Nicole always loved blonde hair.

2. Nicole decided to go a little blonder.

3. Nicole filmed “The Simple Life” as a blonde with pink and yellow braids.

4. This is much better! Nicole becomes a dirty blonde with some low lights.

5. Nicole went for a more sophisticated look with soft curls.

6. Say hello to Nicole’s first bob in 2005.

7. After rocking the wavy bob for a while, Nicole went for straight hair.

8. Then briefly became a brunette.

9. Back to blonde in 2007; she couldn’t stay away for too long.

10. Nicole went a little longer, adding extensions in 2008.

11. Say hello to the middle part.

12. Welcome to Nicole’s bohemian era and the front bang.

13. In 2009, Nicole kept the middle part, but went a little shorter as a brunette with blonde highlights.

14. Nicole brought in 2010 as a brunette bombshell.

15. Back to blonde again.

16. Nicole was banging it again in 2012, but this time as a dirty blonde.

17. Nicole became a brunette again in 2013.

18. She made a drastic change in early 2014, dying her hair purple.

19. Feeling a little blue?

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