1. 1. Even though Zimmerman sustained injuries on the night he killed Trayvon Martin, there are still questions that need to be answered.

2. 2. Are there any more photos of Zimmerman from the night he shot Trayvon besides the one we’ve seen and did he receive stitches for his cut?

3. 3. If he had two black eyes, why didn’t we see them in the police surveillance video the night he was taken into the Sanford police station?

4. 4. Could Trayvon’s marks on his knuckles been from hitting the pavement? How do we know they were from him punching Zimmerman, as he claims?

5. 5. Why did Zimmerman wait the next day to go to a family physician, as opposed to going to the emergency room right after the shooting?

6. 6. Why did Sanford police question Zimmerman again a day after the shooting? A neighbor said he saw officals talking with Zimmerman outside his home. What did they want to ask him that they didn’t ask him after the shooting?

7. 7. Did Zimmerman tell his family physician that he killed someone the night before while explaining his injuries?

8. 8. What was the reason for Zimmerman seeking an appointment to get legal clearance to return to work? His job didn’t know about the shooting, seems like a weird request.

9. 9. Why did Zimmerman ignore the doctor’s advice to meet with a psychologist for evaluation? It’s obvious the doctor knew Zimmerman needed psychiatric help.

10. 10. Why was Zimmerman taking Adderall and Temazepam? Both drugs are used for sleeping disorders such as narcolepsy and insomnia.

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