Isn’t blogging about what’s on your mind?? Blogs can be a bunch of babble…or it can be an outlet for freedom of speech, depending on whose reading. You’d have to really pay attention and try to read between the lines. Which brings me to the well respected Kanye West. You gotta love him!!! The words […]


  I decided to do a special Bonus Biz Blog for my dudes that want to rap/produce for a career. In no way shape or form am I calling anyone out. Just stating my opinion, not facts. If you ever here the words…’Imma Put You On’ please note that is an early warning sign of […]

by Marcel MutoniOK, not really, but Rasheed Wallace isn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of going to New Orleans next month.With Shaq fossilizing before our very eyes, and Dwight Howard being the sure-fire starter , ‘Sheed is likely to be named the backup center by the coaches in the mid-season showcase. There’s just one small […]