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The people in the position to say things like this don’t say them because they might loose some swag or some type of endorsement deal. The people in the position to change things are too ignorant to read this and may also loose friends or some type of financial position. That’s why there are people like me! I’m a wanna be journalist, able to express an ‘opinion’ without any of the consequences stated above. That said, I really have one question to ask: ‘Are today’s African American being targeted for failure and ridicule?’.

Before I go tossing mud, Obama is President!!!… Hmmm ok, so what else after that??? One victory dance shouldn’t give ni**uz a license to ill or forget about the prize. We seem to use Obama’s name and presidency to show some sign of hope, so I got it out of the way before I start ranting.

You may see Tiger Woods as gossip but unfortunately he is now perceived as another failure for African Americans. His personal problems have nothing to do with his golfing abilities?? I beg to differ. It was a combination of skill, respect and honor that allowed Tiger to participate in these country clubs elite golf tournaments. It may not effect Tiger directly but I’m sure it will effect any other African American trying to make a future in golf. Also, Tiger Woods has raised the purse of golf tournaments to unprecedented amounts. Now that Tiger’s on break, will the purses remain that high?? I’m pretty sure they will and there are no more African Americans in the way.

Chris Brown claims he’s being blackballed in the industry??? Dude cant be serious! This is not about Chris Brown. If you check Soundscan you will see that record sales for African Americans as a whole have dropped dramatically. I can assure you its not because of Chris’s domestic violence or any other African American artists flaws in the public eye. I can assure you there are caucasians artist out there doing extremely worse things! Truth is, record labels have robbed African Americans of their talent and culture, so they don’t need them anymore. It’s not the first time! If history repeats itself, just remember what happened with Elvis Presely. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself this question: How come nobody leaked Susan Boyle or John Mayers albums?? Matter of fact, how come only African American albums get leaked?? 

Entertainers going to jail… You do the crime, you should do the time correct??? If you or your entourage are carrying around guns you go to jail. What are you, artist or entourage, carrying a gun for??? Thats why they have armed security (which is probably included on your rider)! Drugs being found on a tour bus?? Random stop by police?? C’mon… No drug is any different in any other state but when you transport that drug to a different state its trafficking. I grew up knowing that. They (who’s name we will not mention) are counting on your stupidity to cross state line with drugs. Yes, they follow you and they are setting you up!!

This blog can go on with countless of other failure but yet, I started with one success. What does that tell you??? The ratio for success and failure for African Americans is extremely one sided and yes you have a bullseye on your back. We need to straighten up folks. We need those in the position to teach, teach, Those who need to learn, humble themselves and learn. African Americans need more role models, more fathers, more independent thought, more love for one’s self!!


In the immortal words of Larry Fishburne in Spike Lee’s ‘School Daze’……