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That’s right! The Monopoly board for rappers is crazy. They keep landing on “Chance” and picking the same card. Even today’s top heavyweights are landing on the “Go To Jail” space. Some include T.I, Lil Wayne, B.G, Gucci Mane, C Murda, Prodigy, Black Rob and Remy Ma. Previous players included Shyne, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, and Turk.

Why are all these rappers going to or are in jail?? No excuses! They’re not being targeted! There are no Hip-Hop Cops! There is NO conspiracy theory! The answer is clear… We are not being accountable for our artist within the Hip-Hop industry. Its OUR fault!

I’m ready for all the readers to start defending their favorite artist but come on!! Call a spade a spade! The truth of the matter is we glorify all types of ignorant shit. Is it because that’s all we know or is this the same poetic lie we keep preaching about? The streets is tuff. That’s all I know…etc. I heard Timberland say this morning “How many times are we going to praise sleeping with women.”.

For some odd reason, we praise artist that are slightly ignorant with limited education. We fuel and instigate Hip-Hop beefs rather than defuse them. We try to ignore their wrongs and overshadow them with their rights. We always seem applaud the dude that has the slowest growth possible with extreme griminess.  

Why?? We need to tell these artist that not only are they bringing themselves down, but they are bringing us down as well. We are a Hip-Hop generation! It was the Hip -Hop generation that actually voted Obama into office. Do you think Obama would be where he was if he had a criminal record?  We need to take better pride in the way we are representing ourselves.

Maybe record contracts should require some specific level of educational degree like our athletes? Maybe labels should get fined for too many vulgar words? Maybe their should be a dress code? I don’t know… Just making suggestions. What would you guys suggest??