armed robbery

For every bad action there are consequences and if you do the crime, you’ll definitely do the time. However, sometimes justice is served long before you even make it to the jailhouse. Sometimes all it takes is an overzealous security officer to make you realize that you really messed up this time. Two would-be robbers […]

Memphitz has been keeping a low profile since his divorce from reality star, Toya Wright, last year— but he made a resurgence following his arrest last month. The producer is reportedly contemplating a plea deal to put an end to his armed robbery case, but it involves major prison time. Bossip reports that a Fulton […]

The singer is speaking out about the LAPD mistaking him for a West Hollywood suspect.

Earlier today, we reported Kanye West cut his Sunday night Meadows Festival set short after learning wife Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

A community is reeling after a 10-year-old boy was chased down by police who thought he was a 20-year-old suspect in a nearby armed robbery.

New Jersey rapper RetcH is facing 10 to 20 years for allegedly breaking and entering a residence with a firearm.