UPDATE 1:55 PM Not long after news of Chris’ alleged ties to the Bloods in Los Angeles broke, MTV released an interview with the singer in which he tells Sway Calloway he has no gang affiliations. “When you’re in L.A. and you’re around people, you meet everybody – you meet Crips, you meet Bloods, especially […]

Justin Bieber has landed himself in trouble with the law again. The 20-year-old pop star was taken into police custody in Ontario, Canada on Friday after being involved in a crash between an ATV and a minivan. According to police, Bieber was involved in a scuffle with the other driver. He now faces charges of […]

According to the New York Times, ISIS, the militant Islamic group responsible for killing American journalist James Foley, demanded a multimillion-dollar ransom before the beheading, which they filmed. Although the group’s spokesperson claimed the video of Foley’s death was retaliation for American airstrikes, leaders were seemingly willing to let the kidnapped reporter go peacefully in […]

Liberian officials fear a widespread outbreak of Ebola could be on the horizon after a group of armed men raided a quarantine center, freeing patients and stealing items including blood-stained sheets and mattresses. 29 Ebola-infected patients fled according to one news agency. The incident occurred late Saturday and was led by residents who were angry […]