If your childhood Barbie were to come to life, what would it be like? Well, Moschino made that dream real for many fashion show-goers during Milan Fashion Week on Thursday, as the designer company’s killed a Barbie-themed runway this year. Each model rocked a different look featured on Barbie over the years and the dreamy show […]

This is a ground-breaking moment for the toy company, Mattel. Mattel will be distributing an exclusive line of  ‘chemotherapy’ dolls named Ella after a persistent mother encouraged the company to produce the hair-less, beautiful figurines for young cancer patients. Melissa Bumstead began a petition for more dolls earlier this year after her 4-year-old daughter was given one of […]

For almost 60 years, Barbie has been a girl’s best friend. Although her outfits and professions have changed, her body hasn’t, leading to concerns over her contribution to low self-esteem in girls and setting unrealistic body expectations. Now, there’s a new “average” alternative: Meet Lammily, the first Barbie-like doll to boast real-life proportions.  Last year, digital […]

Everyday millions of American women go to sleep worrying about looking too old. We wake up feeling overweight or not curvaceous enough. We buy product after product to change this or that, year after year. This hang-up we have with superficial beauty is no coincidence, nor is it surprising. All our lives, we’ve been pressured […]

There’s an app for just about everything, from tracking your sleep cycle to planning your meals. And apparently up until yesterday, there was one with which you could practice your liposuction skills…on Barbie. The new app, created by Corina Rodriquez, is named “Plastic Surgery Barbra” (changed from its primary “Plastic Surgery Barbie”) with a description […]

“Life in plastic, it’s fantastic” Barbie never ceases to amaze us. She’s done it all, from taking orders at McDonald’s, to saving lives as a doctor and a lifeguard, to even serving in the United States military. Now the Barbs is getting outfitted in an iconic New York wardrobe courtesy of Coach. Barbie’s maker Mattel […]

Barbie dolls have inspired girls around the world to learn how to get glammed, but it seems like Nicki Minaj has made sure to go above and beyond. The Pink Friday rapper/singer recently covered Instyle UK, and she talked about staying beautiful through healthy foods, her Barbie-sinpired makeup, and branding her perfume! DETAILS: Oh! Weezy Not Interested […]

Valeria Lukyonova became an internet sensation after she went through surgery to enhance her face and body to look exactly like a Barbie Doll and while many have speculated if she is real or a product of Photoshop, the life size doll look-a-like has been confirmed as the real deal. Fashion magazine V Magazine recently did […]

Get ready for a Barbie makeover unlike one you’ve ever seen before. If you remember any of Louise Gray’s Spring 2013 runway show during London Fashion Week, you may recall a few of the looks that were influenced by Barbie. Although they were not bright and pink like you may expect, they were playful and […]

Barbie has been around for quite some time now, so it’s only right that she begin to evolve a little, but by no means did we expect her to change into a drag queen!  PHOTOS: Barbie Loses All Of Her Hair For Cancer Mattel has announced plans to produce their first ever Drag Queen Barbie in […]

Barbie’s life seems so perfect. She has a million great jobs, lives in a mansion, has a handsome boyfriend and just about every type of vehicle you can think of. There’s never been a time when Barbie has done anything crazy, but we imagine that a life so perfect has to get boring.  STORY: Wanna […]