One thing is for certain: after more than 30 years, hip-hop has had its fair share of beef. From MC Shan vs. KRS-One, to LL Cool J vs. Canibus, to Meek Mill vs. Drake, beef is plentiful. But as it in every battle, there is a winner and loser.

On Saturday night, while most of the Internet-world was watching Manny Pacquiao get robbed for his belt welterweight by Timothy Bradley, there was a select number of people who paid to watch another PPV event: Vendetta: Battle Royale. Ab-Soul Says Rosenberg Wasn’t Wrong, Nicki Should Have Performed Summer Jam! Vendetta: Battle Royale (the video you see […]


Three days after being released from Fulton County jail Gucci Mane is still making up for lost time. The rapper finished his first post jail video shoot for ‘Everybody is Looking.’ Wacka Flacka Flame is also featured in Gucci’s new video.  


Let’s keep it real ya’ll.  When you hear the words clean energy the first thing that comes to mind are bland Triscits and Al Gore. What doesn’t come to mind are hip-hop, community involvement, and real people living day-to-day, making a way to survive.  However, this Black History Month, the Hip Hop Caucus (the same […]